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You Can Do These Tricks To Open Your Locked Car Door

You can try to open the door of your locked car using a tennis ball. However, this method can only be done on cars with conventional keys. That is, there is still a keyhole in the car door. The perforated tennis ball acts as a pump to push air in the keyhole. However, if you don’t have the time to do this, we suggest you hire the best Tomball locksmith immediately.

To do this, you can prepare this simple tool. Provide a tennis ball, then make a small hole that is deep enough. To pierce it, just puncture a tennis ball using a screwdriver that is heated with fire from a stove or a gaslighter.

A hot screwdriver makes the surface of a tennis ball softer when punched. Stab it slowly until the screwdriver penetrates into the cavity of the tennis ball. Well, just one hole is made because we will utilize the air push from inside the cavity of the tennis ball.

To practice, point the hole at the tennis ball right in front of the keyhole. Press quickly and with all your strength until the tennis ball is flat. Make sure the air push from inside the tennis ball enters and presses firmly in the crack of the door opening.

Another way you can practice is by opening from the middle door. It doesn’t have to be from the front door, we can also work on it with other easier doors.

Open the back right door bulkhead rubber, don’t fold it because it will be damaged. Then, peek through the glass and body, inside there will be iron attached to the plastic that is positioned under the key lock hook. White plastic connects the iron from the hook earlier with the key on the side of the door.

Use a small wire with bent ends as a hook. The length of this wire is at least around 20 cm. Insert the wire between the door divider and the window in the rubber lining. Slide the wire until it touches the lever that is used to open the car door.

Pull the hook up gently and don’t force it. If you see the lock lever moves or if there’s a “click”, then the door is unlocked.