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This Is The Simple Definition Of Advertising

Understanding advertising is part of the promotion. Advertising is one way to carry out promotion. Advertising is done through media such as the internet, TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and other media. While promotional activities in an effort to influence consumers are carried out by way of advertising and arranging windows displays, demonstrations, visiting homes, organizing after-sales services. Many people argue that advertising and promotion are the same. Conversely, there are those who argue that advertising is part of the promotion so that advertising activities include promotional activities. Meanwhile, if you need a promotional method to boost your location-based business, we recommend you to try geofencing advertising services.

To eliminate doubts about the terms of promotion, advertising, and advertising, it can be concluded as follows:

Promotion is any means used to increase sales including advertising, advertising, and advertisement.

Advertising is usually placed on mass media, such as newspapers. In films and cinemas, there are often family advertisements and other advertisements.

Billboards are broader than advertisements. This means that advertising is included in advertising activities. The point is that everything that cries out over and over again, either quietly like billboards or boasting like a roadside medicine man is called a billboard. This billboard is also included in the promotion.