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3 Car Modifications That Do Not Violate Traffic Rules

Modifications are often done based on hobbies or dissatisfaction with the factory’s default appearance, so the modifiers usually make a unique touch to their cars. Usually, the state has laws that govern vehicle modification so that it can characterize stolen vehicles and privately owned vehicles. However, some countries make rules that are too strict so that people do not accept these rules as happened in the New Hampshire’s Automotive Tint Laws petition.

Therefore, for those of you who want to modify the car, you must pay attention to the applicable regulations so that they do not violate traffic rules. There are several types of lightweight car modifications that are safe and do not violate the rules that can be used as a reference. Please see the list below.

Use of body kits
One sector of the car that often gets a touch of modification is the bumper that is added to the body kit. As the name implies, the body kit is a set of the lower car body to make the car look better. These additions can make the car look more manly or elegant, depending on the design of the body kit chosen.

The addition of the body kit must take into account the function and shape of the car so that it cannot be changed to the extreme. Because the car is still required to undergo a physical inspection of both the engine number and frame, its model, to its function, to ascertain whether the car used is still worth driving on the road and meets the specified standards.

Put a sticker
There are several ways that car owners modify the appearance of the car by sticking stickers on the exterior of the vehicle. The use of stickers is usually used to enhance your appearance or divert the area of ​​blisters or damage to the paint on the car body. Sticker installation is permitted as long as it does not endanger traffic safety or interfere with the concentration of other drivers’ views.

Change the size of the wheels
Changing the wheels is one of the easiest ways to change the look of the car to be cooler. However, wheel modification needs to be carefully calculated so as not to endanger the driver’s safety.

To maintain the function of the car braking system, the replacement of the wheel diameter is recommended to be no more than 2 inches in a standard size. For example, if your car has standard 15-inch alloy wheels, a safe modification is to replace 16 to 17-inch alloy wheels. This is to maintain the stability of the vehicle’s speed when the suspension is swinging and ensure the braking system has enough traction to stop the car’s speed.