Side Effects of Ganoderma

Ganoderma extract is very effective in reducing post-herpes pain, which occurs immediately after the herpes wound is healed. The combination of ganoderma lucidum with San Mioa (a mixture of several Chinese herbs) can help reduce rheumatoid arthritis. It also helps reduce the swelling associated with rheumatoid arthritis. You can also use it for stiff arm and neck.

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However, natural products are not completely safe. The dose determined is very important to utilize this plant. Ganoderma is available in capsule and tincture form in many pharmacies. You can mix Ganoderma in tea and coffee too. However, the addition of Ganoderma to tea and coffee can make your drink taste very bitter.

Ganoderma dose depends on several factors such as age, health and several other conditions. 2.6 grams of concentrated Ganoderma mushroom extract can be taken together at meals three times a day. For adults who suffer from cancer, chronic hepatitis and diabetes, doses of 600-1800 milligrams should be taken daily. For high blood pressure, recommended 55 milligrams of Ganoderma. For the treatment of proteinuria (protein in the urine), 100 grams of Ganoderma boiled in 300 ml of water are recommended. Don’t forget to consult your doctor before starting treatment.

– Some people may experience dry throat and nose, nasal bleeding and gastrointestinal problems when consuming Ganoderma. Other side effects include bloody stools and itching in the nose area.
– Some users can also experience constipation and diarrhea. Constipation can disappear within a few days of consumption.
– Don’t consume Ganoderma if you suffer from autoimmune disease.
– Pregnant and nursing women should avoid consuming Ganoderma.
– Do not take Ganoderma before or after surgery or childbirth.
– It is possible that Ganoderma can make low blood pressure worsen and can even interfere with treatment. People who suffer from this disease should consult a doctor before taking it.
– High doses of Ganoderma can increase bleeding in people suffering from thrombocytopenia. Ganoderma contains adenosine, a substance that prevents blood platelets from sticking together and forming clots.

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