Why Is Installing A Multi-Tiered Home Electrical Installation Difficult?

These tips share a few ideas for installing electrical terraced home installations. That is because there are many terraced electrical installations that are very difficult to repair. Leave this task to residential electrician Columbia SC if you want to replace the electrical installation in your house that has two or more floors.

Lots of branching points and installation pipes are found planted directly in concrete. The reason is so as not to be disturbed by things that can damage the installation. This is, of course, true, but keep in mind that the concrete floor on which to place the installation channel will more or less affect the strength of the concrete. That is because there are cavities inside which come from planted installation pipes and the average planted pipes are in the form of PV nominees. The second reason is that it will be difficult to repair or if the replacement cable installation will be done. Why is that?

• The first is that if something happens in planting the installation pipe there is a leak in the pipe (when the casting process takes place) then it will result in a mixture of concrete entering it so that the installation pipe eventually becomes clogged.

• The second is if the branching point is also planted on concrete. Beyond that, the most common is that the owner of the house uses NYM type cables or because of the richness of the people, his house installation uses NYY type cables and considers planting in concrete does not need to use installation pipes.

• The installation should be divided into different installation groups for each floor.

• The group division path from the safety box to the top floor (2,3 floors, etc.) can be placed outside the walls of the house or inside the wall itself. If placed outside the walls of the house, make sure the path is well protected. You can use a pipe or other material that is resistant to weather changes and most importantly it must be waterproof.

• Try not to install the installation pipe in the concrete especially the connection point. Even if there should be only installation pipes for the channel to the lighting, and even then do not be branched in concrete if the lighting is installed in parallel with other lights. Keep in mind, make sure the installation pipe that will be planted in concrete must be really tightly closed alias there is no leakage, especially in the pipe connection area. Use insulation on pipe joints to better protect against leakage.

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