The Best Way To Repair A Sink

Dishwashing sink faucets that are damaged by leaking can indeed make you annoyed because, with the damage to one component of this dishwasher, all your kitchen activities can be disrupted. Because we need a dishwashing sink not only for washing dishes and kitchen utensils, but also for washing fruits, vegetables, meat, and all kinds of other foods. That is why you need to call Columbia SC plumbers to get an immediate fix to your faucet problems. But you could also try to fix it without professional help.

The first thing you need to do is turn off the water source. Before you dismantle the kitchen sink faucet, make sure the water flow is stopped and the tap has stopped functioning. By stopping the flow of water, you will more easily repair the sink faucet without being interrupted by bursts of water coming out of the faucet pipe. This has also been proven to save water. Then you need to slowly remove the faucet. Take the wrench and remove the tap from the pipe. The direction of rotation may vary depending on the type of pipe installed in the sink, but in most cases, the tap will come off by turning it counter-clockwise. Turn it slowly, making sure you don’t scratch the pipe or cause a small hole that can be a source of new leaks.

The next step to install the sink faucet is to find the leaky area and cover it with masking tape and glue the pipe. Check the leaking area on the faucet, if the leak hole is fairly small and the faucet can still be used, avoid buying a new faucet. Clean the faucet using an old toothbrush. Before you fasten the faucet back to the hole in the pipe, apply a thick layer of glue to the base of the pipe. Rotate and tighten the faucet at the base of the pipe clockwise. To be sure, use a wrench or wrench to tighten the tap body on the pipe to minimize the source of new leaks. But if you still found some leaking then it will be best to call a plumber to help you repair the sink.

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