Utilize Social Media For Your Event Success

The number of visitors at an event is a measure of success. For that promotion, the strategy must be carefully calculated. Several ways can be taken in promoting the event such as hiring events companies singapore. Other promotional media that should not be ignored are social media with very broad and even coverage in all circles. Twitter and Facebook can be effective promotional media. Here are some tips that you can apply to promote the event through social media:

Twitter hashtag
Create a unique, simple and relevant Twitter hashtag (#) for your event. Continue to use the hashtag when discussing events both with your Twitter account and your personal account.

Share Relevant Information
Besides tweeting everything about the event, attracting more followers (followers) for Twitter and likes for Facebook are also important agenda to do.

Insert Event Support Account
Guest, MC and speaker accounts are usually attended by quite a lot of fans, take advantage by inserting their account (mention) when sharing information about your event. Usually, supporters of the event will share the information back and be seen by their followers or fans.

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