Small Bathroom With A Zone Setting According To Function

Set the layout in the bathroom, the point is to divide the space into several zones according to function. Each bathroom (whatever its size), holds many functions. For that, we need ingenuity in setting the layout so that each activity can be carried out comfortably by its users. Regardless of the area or limited space available, zoning must be done. Like a design, not only done to beautify the space but also will have the effect of changing the behaviour of its inhabitants. You can use bathroom remodel Columbia SC to make your bathroom design better.

Each zone will direct users to carry out activities following the function space. Zones are needed in the bathroom to detail every activity that can be accommodated there and even add bathroom functions.

With what we can divide the zone in the bathroom? We can use various types of material. The innovations made by producers and technology that continues to grow, provide many choices for us. Another way, we can use furniture and some complementary elements to divide zones and give functions.

Here is an example of dividing the zone by processing the bathroom wall.

Wall processing is carried out in this bathroom to different activities that are accommodated within each zone.

First, hang a mirror on the wall.

This method shows that the area in front of the mirror is a dry area that is used for self-dressing.

Second, “hang” the sink table complete with a cabinet underneath and put a mirror following the width of the sink table.

This is to show that this area is to brush teeth, wash hands, washing face.

Third, give an opening to the wall placed between the sink and toilet table.

This shows that the toilet area is different from the sink area, even though both are on the same side of the wall.

Fourth, paint the walls with different colours on the left side and put the bathtub in the front area of this wall.

A way to show different zones for bathtubs, even if they are in the same room as the dressing room, the sink and the toilet.

Fifth, covering the walls with white ceramic as a divider between the shower area and other zones.

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