Month: August 2019

The Right Way To Text A Girl Could Lead To A Date

Technological advances not only make texting girls easier but also make it easier to find a mate. If in the past the couple’s spouse was just around the block even your neighbor, at this time our soul mate could be in different countries. Various chat applications are made to meet the desires of you who want to have acquaintances or even a partner. So that your closeness is not stuck in the texting phase, it is better to apply the right moment when chatting. A good impression is also obtained from the way to text. Remember that first impression matters. From the approach via chat, the first thing that will make your number automatically blocked is to ask, “Hi, what are you doing?” This kind of question is very boring. It is better to be asking about favorite sports and as simple as your favorite music genre. The small talk will make her more comfortable and open with you.

When texting, you won’t always ask for hobbies. Occasionally need to joke lightly inserts. Jokes tend to successfully break the ice. The inspiration can be from your memes or jokes. But this method is a little tricky because not everyone has the same sense of humor. Make sure first what makes her laugh. If she can laugh a lot, congratulations! You are one step ahead to win her heart. When you are close, you will find some things in common. For the sake of the smoothness of your relationship, ask the opinion of your crush. Even though you already know the answer, asking other people’s opinions makes them feel valued. From here, the relationship will become more comfortable and possibly more serious.

After texting intensely, you need to finally decide to meet in person. This is the final part of your approach and starts dating. This phase is quite important for determining whether you can go to a more serious stage or not. Love is like a game. Everything in this world needs a sure way to master it. Including to win a crush. It never hurts to know the right way to text.